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Book no.1

Rooty the Rutabaga

A Beautiful Game

He really wants his team to win. When the game doesn’t go his way, can his pals help him be a good sport?


Rooty is trying to take first place. Leading his veggie soccer buddies against the gourds, he’s quick to run and kick the goals. But as he shoots the ball over and over, he forgets to play nice with the losing side.


Obsessed with claiming another victory by challenging the greens, Rooty's high hopes for the tournament wilt after a disappointing loss. And mad that his friends are still having fun, he doesn’t know how to ever be happy about not coming out on top.


Can this little rutabaga learn to enjoy himself without keeping score?


Rooty the Rutabaga: A Beautiful Game is the charming fourth tale in the Rooty the Rutabaga children’s book series, suitable for ages 3-8 and can be read as a standalone. If you like delightful characters, the thrill of competition, and meaningful messages, then you’ll love Steven Megson’s pleasant pitch.


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