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Book no.1

The thing about...Clowns

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Learn what life is like for all those silly pranksters.


Curious why they wear such wacky outfits? Want to know what’s the shape of a clown's nose? Eager to ask how they can all fit in a single car? Whether they're called jesters, fools, or comedians, there's a lot to understand about these costumed funny fellows.


From where they work to how they get there, these eleven wholesomely hilarious poems highlight easy-to-grasp facts about this unique group of entertainers. And by using simple language and sweet jokes, author Steven Megson neatly balances intriguing insights with inclusive explanations, so that anyone dreaming about growing up to make crowds roar with laughter can walk in oversized shoes.


The Thing About… Clowns is the fun first story in The Thing About… children's book series, suitable for ages 3 to 8. If you or your child like clever rhymes, circus-related trivia, and brightly colored illustrations, then you'll love Steven Megson's honkingly good tales.


Buy The Thing About… Clowns to take a pie to the face today!

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