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Rooty the Rutabaga

The Mystery of the Humongous Holes

A strange pit in the yard has got them all puzzled. But this determined veggie is ready to dig deep to figure it out…


Rooty loves lazily lying around with his friends. But when a huge hole mysteriously appears and no one knows how, the little rutabaga jumps on the case. And once he puts on a dapper detective outfit and a can-do attitude, he sets off to find some clues.


Digging for details among the other baffled vegetables, Rooty is disappointed when his search is fruitless. And with no more stones left to turn over, he worries this is a tough nut he’ll never crack.


Can this clever problem-solver unearth the root of the riddle?


Rooty the Rutabaga: The Mystery of the Humongous Holes is the delightful third tale in the Rooty the Rutabaga children’s book series, suitable for ages 3-8 and can be read as a standalone. If you or your child like adorable heroes, positive lessons, and hands-on activity pages, then you’ll adore Steven Megson’s big-size fun.


Buy Rooty the Rutabaga: The Mystery of the Humongous Holes to fill up with curiosity today!

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