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Book no.1

The thing about...Dinosaurs

Are you a dino enthusiast? Learn what made the Jurassic era so ginormous!

Fascinated by velociraptors, T-Rexes, and stegosauruses? Enjoy poring over huge claw prints
and bones? Love all things dangerous? Although they aren’t around today, scientists have
figured out an awful lot about the secrets of the dinosaurs…

From how big their eggs are to how terrible they would have been as pets, author Steven Megson
artfully reveals key facts to little ones through eleven grin-inducing rhymes about these extinct
creatures. And any aspiring archeologist or ambitious explorer who hears these wondrous words will be much better prepared for their next imaginary encounter.

The Thing About… Dinosaurs is the toothy second volume in The Thing About... children's book
series, suitable for ages 3-8. If you or your child like learning about history and biology,
stretching your minds, and catchy introductions to new vocabulary, then you'll adore Steven
Megson's paleontological poetry.

Buy The Thing About… Dinosaurs for a monstrous dose of fun today!

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