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Rooty the Rutabaga

The Meaning of Kung Fu

He wants to try something new and exciting. But does he first have to get stronger and faster?


Rooty is the most curious veggie in the patch. Watching a bunch of broccoli practice strange movements in the garden, the inquisitive rutabaga gathers his courage to approach the group. And when they tell him they’re practicing kung fu and he asks if he can join in, he’s mighty confused when they ask him if he’s ready!


Returning with a homemade martial arts outfit, Rooty is upset when the wise floret-headed stalks say he’s still not prepared to begin. And after his attempts to lift branches for strength and run races with friends to become speedy don’t work, the sad vegetable fears he’ll never have what it takes to do their fascinating moves.


Will the little round root that could ever show that he can?


Rooty the Rutabaga: The Meaning of Kung Fu is the adorable second tale in the Rooty the Rutabaga children’s book series, for ages 3-8 and can be read as a standalone. If you and your child like loveable characters, cute and colorful illustrations, and feel-good activity sections, then you’ll adore Steven Megson’s yard of fun.


Buy Rooty the Rutabaga: The Meaning of Kung Fu to high kick into playtime today!

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